South Pole Medivac

South Pole Medivac

Out of Antarctica:

The Latest: Sick US workers reach Chile in Antarctica rescue


Some of the photos from the landing at South Pole:

Kenn Borek Twin Otter Lands at the South Pole

KBA South Pole

Photo courtesy of Division of Polar Programs – National Science Foundation, Facebook page.

“An Antarctic medical-evacuation flight has arrived at the National Science Foundation’s Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station”

Update: South Pole Medical evacuation flight, June 21


First flight from British Rothra Station has taken off (21/06/2016), and should arrive at south Pole at approximately 5:00 PM today:

Harrowing Antarctic Rescue Mission Will Involve Landing on Skis in Darkness


NSF Update June 14:

South Pole medical evacuation flight launched


And from the Washington Post:

A rare, risky mission is underway to rescue sick scientists from the South Pole


Pitch Black…

Calgary planes may have to fly through a pitch-dark Antarctica in -60 C weather for a rescue mission

Article from the Canadian Sun:

Antarctic rescue underway by Calgary-based airline Kenn Borek Air


Some news about the current medivac flight going into South Pole.  Apparently this is the

South Pole medical evacuation flight launched


Photos are from past flights not current medivac.


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