The Long Game

The Long Game

Here’s an interesting article supposedly about Russia’s intentions in Antarctica:

Russia’s long-game in Antarctica runs political risk

The article makes an interesting statement:

“Just two weeks into the new year, Kremlin media outlets reported that a Russian naval expedition had arrived in Antarctica as the country’s first Antarctic mission organized by the Ministry of Defense in three decades. Despite garnering little outside media attention, the expedition is suggestive of an important emerging trend in Moscow’s strategic vision with significant geopolitical risks — a steadily building interest in Antarctica for strategic and economic purposes.”

But my question is, is this any different than what the US, and so many other nation are doing?  A lot of countries are ramping up their efforts in Antarctica, so I’m not sure the Russian’s are much different than anyone else.

I think we might be watching the real start of aggressive land grab efforts on the continent and it will be interesting to see how things progress.


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